A Message from Olde Man Granola

We are Trevor, Fay and Mark and we own Olde Man Granola. We want to help take the Binnie's Coconut Butter brand to the next level. We want to thank Lindsay for bringing her brand to what it is today and creating such a wonderful product.

We hope that we can live up to the standards of Binnie's Coconut Butter. Here at Olde Man Granola, we believe in quality products and everything we do is handmade by amazing people.

A Message from Lindsay

"To all of my loyal customers in the past I want to say thank you! Thank you for all the support then and now and for sticking with us through transitions. Growing a brand--there's so much that goes into it and you care for it, nurture it and try to help it grow. But it's ready for the next best thing and I'm confident the Oldeman Granola team will be able to take it to the next level.

They are amazing people who care about what and how they make their products, and ultimately, the people that buy them. You're in the best hands."

Lindsay's Story

More plants. More healthy fats. Less sugar.

This is why Lindsay created Binnie Butter for her family and why we make it for you.

Since founding Binnie's Coconut Butter in 2014 it's been a joy to share this delicious and nutritious spread with others. We love helping make families healthier!

...but let's back up a bit.

We've all heard it before. Health is directly related to diet. We are what we eat.

I thought it was a cute saying, but never fully bought into it. But then, the perfect storm of life events forced me to test that theory head on.

First, I became a mom and was always wondering if diet really was as important as some said. I mean, could it really be that big of a deal? Preservatives were in most of what we were eating at the time, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something wrong about that.

And then out of nowhere I suddenly started having allergy symptoms. I almost got rid of our mattress and our dog, thinking they were the cause, until I realized it was actually food sensitivities. My body was finally fed up with all of the pretend food I was eating and was rebelling in full force.

At about that same time we almost lost someone we love to an autoimmune disease and that led us to more information on how good nutrition can heal us from the inside out.

I finally started paying attention and committed to finding better ways to nourish my family and myself.

My first creation was kale chips. I'll keep this short. They didn't go over well.

Then I came across an article about coconut butter and realized this was a spread my kids (well, all of us really) could get into. I knew my kids wouldn't eat it plain, so I added some flavors and then we had a new problem. Prying the jars out of their little hands. They were pretty much instantly addicted!

We hope you love Binnie Butter as much as we do.

Thank you for your support!