Meet The Binnie's


Kids don't always eat the healthy food you want them to. At least OURS didn't. So, when we made our first batch of Binnie's Coconut Butter (for my husband and I) and our little one devoured it right along with us, we knew we were onto something. Our all natural, versatile spread is a healthy gluten free, peanut free, dairy free staple the whole family can enjoy and feel good about eating. We think coconuts have been begging to be made into this butter for quite some time.

How To Eat Binnie Butter:

Binnie Butter may solidify in cooler temperatures so just put the jar in the microwave for 40 seconds or in a bowl of hot water to warm it up. People are coming up with new ways to enjoy this spread everyday, but here are our favorites:

Daddy Binnie: 3 heaping spoonfuls added to his oatmeal

Momma Binnie: A couple spoonfuls on her favorite desserts or dipping her sliced apples in it

Little Boy Binnie: He likes to help slather some on warm toast

Little Girl Binnie: She likes it right off the spoon or on some crackers

Dog Binnie: He waits expectantly for any crumbs that he can eat off the floor.

*Refrigeration NOT required
*All ingredients will stay for about a year, bu


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