My Journey To Coconut Butter

So, I often have people asking me how this whole coconut butter thing started. And yes, it started because of a need that we had in our family to get more healthy snacks in our diet in an easy way, but I should give you some more back story on how this really came about.

For the first many (23) years of my life, I didn't do much in terms of work. I was a yoga instructor for a while and then I worked a lot of jobs in retail at Banana Republic, Express and some boutiques, but my undergrad is in Spanish. Por que? I don't know, I just liked it. I didn't have a strong sense of direction as to what I wanted to do...I was just kind of floating and hoping something would get me excited.

Once I got married to my amazing man, my life changed dramatically for the better and something sparked in me. I wanted to create some kind of business of my own. I tried many (terrible) things... (And God bless my man for watching the train wreck and encouraging me along the way).

For your entertainment, I will tell you about some of these ridiculous business ideas:

I had a personal styling business. Went to peoples houses, had them pay me to tell them what to get rid of in their closets and then we would go on a shopping spree to replenish. I had no business doing this business and don't think I really helped a soul, but I had fun!

I wanted to create an online styling business via web cams for women. (Before the stitch fix craze!) I went to a trade show in Chicago and got scared with how much inventory I would have to keep so I was out at that point.

I wanted to create craft kits and call them DaVinci In A Box. (Anyone heard of Hobby Lobby? This was NOT my most novel idea, but you couldn't convince me of that. This idea never really got off the ground. Shocker).

I blogged for two years, trying to create a business out of it. Mostly my mom and sister read my blog posts. And they really liked it. (Thanks, guys!) But it never really caught on.

I had so many business ideas running through my head, I wanted to start a business giving people business ideas. (N0, not a joke. Totally serious). This one also never got off the ground. Or even on paper for that matter (thank you, Lord!)

Shortly after all these failed attempts, I came across an article comparing coconut butter to coconut oil and thought "I could make that but with flavors!" And that would change the trajectory of my entrepreneurial life. I made my first batch of flavored coconut butter and a legitimate business idea was born. Finally! Phew!

So, I say all this to inspire you. If I can come up with a business idea that is actually working, ANYONE can. I repeat. ANYONE.

Keep on, people. Your next best idea is right around the corner.



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