3 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive (for your small business)

3 Ways To Keep The Spark Alive (for your small business)

When I was young, I remember my Dad saying "Find something you love to do and you won't have to work a day in your life."

At the time I think we were sitting down at the table and he was trying to teach me about mortgages and something about real estate and I was thinking if THIS is what I have to do, there's a LOT of work ahead of me.

But finally, 30 years in, I get what he was saying. (took me a minute, Dad!) I love what I do and it doesn't feel like work.

Here are a few ways I keep the love alive for my business:

1.) Love the people you work with and industry you're in.  I'm passionate about my products, but I also love the natural food industry as a whole because of the people. It's an unbelievably supportive space where I continue to learn and grow and am consistently challenged. The friends I have in this industry continue to push me to be better, do more, and dream bigger. I think a love for your industry is essential for long term love for your business.

2.) Look at challenges as speed bumps, not stop signs. I've encountered many obstacles. Every day there is something that's taking longer than I would like. Literally. Every. Day. I don't dwell on those though. If you get stuck there it can suck the joy out of a business in a hurry. Instead of obstacles making me want to quit or stop I've just learned that this is a part of small business ownership. I'm not going to stop because there are challenges. I'm going to keep working hard and keep whining to my husband about it until I get it done! #hesaluckyman

3.) Be open to change Pivot, pivot, and pivot some more. I picture running a business like a dance. Just when you're really getting into the song the DJ switches it up and you can either sit this one out and watch or do your best at line dancing. If I stay stuck to one way of doing things or a this-is-my-plan-and-nothings-going-to-change-it mentality, I'm in for some disappointment. Things are constantly changing in every industry and as small business owners, we have to be strategic to change as well. I'm sometimes caught dancing to the last song so I need to work on this one.

So, see Dad? I was listening. Just took a while to understand fully. Thankful I held out for coconut butter instead of mortgages. #toothpicksineyeballs #nooffense


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