What's the latest with Binnie Butter?

What's the latest with Binnie Butter?
Just want to fill you guys on in what's new in our world!
It's been a crazy couple of years! This all started as a recipe in my kitchen, became a farmers market success, and is now a product sold in Whole Foods and Sprouts! I still can't believe it!
I remember talking to a friend back with this started and she told me she had a dream that I was in Whole Foods. It was such a stretch to think about that happening at the time and now it is a reality! How is this real?!
As you may have heard, Amazon is planning on purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion! This is crazy news that is shaking up the industry because it could mean a lot of things for us brands. Will they use these 400 some stores as distribution centers to get people food delivered faster? Will they keep the standards and in store shopping experience the same? Who knows what kind of innovation will be going on to create a totally different grocery shopping experience for the customer!
The crazy thing is I got ungated to go ahead and sell on Amazon the day this transaction went public, so I am so excited to start selling on Amazon!
I will let you all know when the Amazon store is ready to go, but until then we keep pushing to grow this business and get more Binnie Butter into more people's hands to change their health for the better!
Here's to your health!

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