I’ve heard of coconut OIL, but what in the world is coconut butter?

Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the coconut, while coconut butter is made from shredded coconut or the meat of the coconut and coconut oil. Similar to peanut butter, we use Binnie’s Coconut Butter as a superfood spread on toast, in smoothies, on pancakes or waffles, as a fruit dip, on sweet potatoes, and as a substitute for butter or toppings in baking! The possibilities are endless!
Why is coconut butter healthy for me?
Coconut is full of medium-chain triglycerides which is saturated fat that is GOOD for you! It’s metabolized in the liver and used up as energy right away WHILE keeping you full and satisfied for longer. Coconut is classified as a “superfood” and has a wide range of health benefits from stimulating the metabolism, improving brain function, and it even contains lauric acid, which kills bacteria and can ward off infections in the body. So, yeah, we agree with the “superfood” thing.
Are your ingredients organic?
Yes, all of our ingredients are organic. We strive to source premium ingredients because (if you haven’t already noticed) health is important to us! And the fact that you’re consuming something we make is not something we take lightly. We’re working on getting our USDA Organic and Non GMO Project certification in the next year and have begun that process already.
Are your coconut butters gluten free?
Yes! Our coconut butters are all gluten free, organic, dairy free, soy free, vegan, non GMO and conducive to the paleo diet. Which is why it’s kind of a miracle that it still tastes amazing. But it does!
We considered using honey in our recipes instead of agave nectar, but decided agave was a better choice to serve the vegan community as well. Our organic agave is processed with LOW heat processing and is very carefully sourced. And there are only 5 grams of sugar in a serving of 2 tablespoons!
Your coconut butter is creamier than others I’ve tried. Why?
So glad you asked! This last year, we went back to the drawing board to come up with the creamiest, most spreadable coconut butter out there. We put in a lot of time and effort to make this happen and are proud to have the most spreadable coconut butters on the market WITHOUT changing the ingredients or adding any stabilizers! Because we work so hard in production to get our coconut butters to be spreadable for you at room temperature, we recommend that you do your best to avoid extremes of heat and cold to keep that consistency in tact.
Should I refrigerate it to last longer?
No need to refrigerate! The shelf life is 9 months after opening, so if you’re anything like us, it’ll be long gone before then. Refrigeration just causes it to solidify, but does not extend the shelf life at all so storing it in your cupboard or pantry is best!
Even though it’s creamy and spreadable, I still taste little bits of coconut in there. Is that normal?
Yes, it’s normal! We went straight to the consumers asking what they liked best about our coconut butters and the verdict was that they love that it’s spreadable AND has some of that coconut texture in there. It differentiates us from the rest and we love to keep our customers happy so we you get the best of both worlds with our product! Spreadable AND some incredible coconutty texture!
Ok, so now that I know all of that, how do I use this stuff?
How creative are you? You tell us!
We love to spread it on toast, crackers, apples, bananas, melon, in a bowl of granola or yogurt with fruit, over popcorn or on pancakes and waffles just to get you started!
We have also taken it to the savory side by spreading some Simply Cinnamon on a pork chop, or Very Vanilla on some fish with a balsamic glaze! It’s also pretty amazing in rice or stir fry or on sweet corn or potatoes.
But a lot of our customers after we tell them all those options say, “Oh, ummm I just need a spoon with mine.” That works too! NO judgment here!
How can I keep up to date on where to buy more and what the latest news is for Binnie’s Coconut Butter?
Make sure you “Like” our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @binniescoconutbutter and let us know how you’re enjoying your Binnie Butter with the hashtag #HowIBinnieButter on Instagram!
And of course be checking out our “Store Locator” map here for the newest locations Binnie Butter is being sold at! We’re expanding all the time and are so grateful for it!