We’ve all heard it before. Health is directly related to diet. We are what we eat.

As a wife and mom, I half-way bought into that. But at that time, preservatives were still our pretty-good friends.

Then one day, I woke up with hives and learned I had some food sensitivities myself. It was undeniable from that point on to me how closely related disease is to unhealthy eating habits and I knew things had to change.

That meant teaching our kids that REAL food can taste good AND fuel our bodies. I read an article about coconut butter and knowing coconut is a “superfood” with so many health benefits, I thought it would be a great alternative spread that I could make for our family. Something we could put on toast, use as a fruit dip, put on our pancakes, in our oatmeal and as a substitute for peanut butter in cookies and protein bars. I was hoping it would be a healthy way to get those healthy fats in without a fight.

I knew my kids (and let’s be honest, husband) would be more apt to eat it if I created different flavors and was SO excited about how good and addicting it was! And my toddlers proved that even further as they continued to ask for “Binnie Butter” every day.

I held my breath as I hauled some over to my first farmers market, and was amazed to find that we sold out each week with people fighting over the last jar! Seriously! (Apparently, children and adults alike have trouble sharing this stuff).

I feel so grateful to be a part of something much greater than some coconut butter in a jar. It’s contributing to peoples health in a positive way. This is something that I’m proud to sell because it’s full of healthy fats that I’ve learned our bodies NEED to thrive.

We’re careful about sourcing our premium ingredients to make sure we’re providing the highest quality as well as supporting local businesses here in Colorado. And I’m hoping you can taste the Binnie love in each jar!

Thanks so much for supporting us and here’s to your health!

Lindsay Binnie, Founder